Year One Phonics Screening Check

Children in Year 1 throughout the country will all be taking part in a phonics screening check during the same week in June. The phonics screening check is designed to confirm whether children have learnt phonic decoding and blending skills to an appropriate standard.

The test contains 40 words. Each child will sit one-to-one and read each word aloud to a teacher. The test will take approximately 10 minutes per child, although all children are different and will complete the check at their own pace. The list of words the children read is a combination of 20 real words and 20 pseudo words – also called nonsense words or ‘alien’ words.  The pseudo words will be shown to your child with a picture of an alien next to it. This indicates to the children that the word is not expected to make sense but they should read and blend the sounds as they would with real words. Pseudo words are included because they will be new to all pupils; they do not favour children with a good vocabulary knowledge or visual memory of words.

At Lessness Heath we teach phonics in a systematic way to ensure that the children can apply the sounds they have learned in their everyday reading and writing. We want our children to enjoy, and be confident in, all aspects of English. It is important, therefore, that we have your support at home by reading as much as possible to and with your child.

The video on the link below gives further information about the screening check and advice on how to support your child with phonics at home.