Weekly Attendance

Our whole school attendance this week was 94.6%.  Each week we aim for an overall school attendance of 96%.

Congratulations to Cygnet in EYFS, Pelican in KS1, and Dove and Swallow in KS2 for getting the highest attendance this week.

The class who gets the best attendance in EYFS, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two each week will be rewarded by having the attendance mascot in their class.

Registration Group Percentage Attendance
Miss Ransom

Duckling 1

Miss Ransom

Duckling 2

Miss Gardner 95.0
Miss Bennett 94.9
Miss Jayne 92.2
Mrs Mensah 93.5
Mrs Jones 87.5
Mr Skinner 97.8
Miss Steele 96.7
Mr Chalkley 98.3
Miss Vankirk 98.3
Mrs Brown/Miss Begum 97.4
Miss Smith 96.0
Miss Bell 97.1
Mr James 95.5
Miss Thorpe 99.6
Miss Harmer 98.3
Miss Peters 98.8
Miss Watt 98.8
Mrs Leach 98.3
Miss Bolton/Miss Matthias 96.3
Miss Long 97.1
Mr Jackson 96.7

weekly-attendance-photoThis chart is updated on a fortnightly basis