WAS Award

Wellbeing Award for Schools

WAS Update – We are in the exciting position of being ready for the final stage of the Wellbeing Award for school. Our verification day will be held on Tuesday 27th March 2018. We look forward to sharing this important evaluation of our wellbeing provision at Lessness Heath.

Lessness Health are about to embark on an amazing journey that enables us to celebrate the fabulous work we have been doing here to support mental health and emotional wellbeing.

We are striving to create a whole school approach promoting emotional wellbeing and positive mental health across the whole school community; this will be at the heart of the culture and ethos of our school.

All pupils, parents and school staff will become part of this journey and contribute towards a healthy understanding of the importance of emotional health. Our hope is to build confidence where every person involved flourishes in their thinking and learning around mental health.

This is a chance for us to be recognised and celebrate all the exceptional work that we have achieved within our school community, and a chance to celebrate our successes from over the last year. I believe that this celebration of success will encourage more schools to adopt an approach that puts emotional wellbeing and mental health at the heart of what they do.

Our vision is a community where children, families and staff are supported effectively to build on their strengths and to achieve their goals in life. We will continue to promote resilience and wellbeing to make a difference to people’s lives.

Thank you for you continued support in helping us raise happy, healthy, resilient young people.