School Uniform and Dress Code

All children at Lessness Heath Primary School are expected to wear our school uniform.

It is important for health and safety reasons, and for a sense of belonging, that all children wear correct school uniform.

Our school colours are grey and green.

Hair/Head Wear

  • Haircuts (see detail below)
  • Plain grey, green, black or white hair ribbons, bands, turbans and summer hats.
  • Green and white checked or striped “scrunchies”.


  • White shirt or blouse
  • White polo shirt
  • Bottle green sweatshirt, pullover or cardigan


  • Mid-grey tailored long or short trousers, skirts or culottes. Not black.

Leg and Footwear

  • White, grey, bottle green or black socks
  • Black, grey or bottle green tights
  • Black shoes with low heels – not trainers


  • Green and white checked or striped school summer dress
  • Enclosed toed sandals – black. No “jellies” or slingbacks.

Sports Kit


  • Plain white or school T-shirt
  • Navy blue/black cotton shorts
  • Black plimsolls

Outdoor Winter

  • Grey, green or navy blue jogging bottoms
  • Plain white or school T-shirt
  • Grey, green or navy blue sweatshirt
  • Trainers

Outdoor Summer

  • Plain white or school T-shirt
  • Navy blue/black shorts
  • Trainers

Children’s Sports kit must be in school at all times (but taken home at the end of each half-term for washing). We would ask all parents to ensure the kit is labelled and kept in a school sports bag.

Earrings and Jewellery

Children are allowed to wear simple stud type earrings. The child must be able to remove these for P.E. lessons. Junior children may wear watches to school.

If you are thinking of having your child’s ears pierced, please try to do so at the beginning of the long summer break.

Make-up and Nail Varnish

Children are not allowed to wear make-up or nail varnish to school at any time.


It is not acceptable for patterns to be cut into pupil’s hair for school or Mohican style cuts. Please save this for the holidays so that it can grow out before returning to school. Pupils will be sent home if their appearance directly contravenes our school uniform and dress code.

Our school supplier is Boffins located on Pickford Lane, Bexleyheath, Kent DA7 4QU