Uniform Exchange

Parent and carer volunteers from the Lessness Heath community have starting up a ‘School Uniform Exchange’. The Uniform Exchange is a series of ‘pop-up shops’ held after school in the hall offering good quality, clean, pre-owned school uniform. Stock comes from donations and unlabelled lost property items. Clothing will be free but you can also make a donation to the LSFA.

Our very first Uniform Exchange was very successful in November and many parents benefited from items our amazing families had washed and ironed. We will continue to set up a regular Uniform Exchange early next year and we welcome any unwanted uniform so we can put it in our uniform exchange programme.

What is it?
The Uniform Exchange will be a series of ‘pop-up shops’ held after school in the hall offering good quality, clean, pre-owned school uniform.

Too much uniform, often in good condition, is thrown away. This is a waste of decent clothing that can be used elsewhere.

Where does the stock come from?
Initially, from Lost Property; unclaimed and unlabelled items which is usually dumped. Stuff in good condition will be washed and ironed by volunteers.
Later, parents can donate outgrown and unwanted school uniform to pass on to other families. We’ll be in touch when we’re ready for donations.

What about Lost Property with names on?
Lost Property will be checked regularly.
Labelled items will stay in Lost Property.
Unlabelled items will move to The Exchange if they are in good condition.

Should I bother putting labels in my children’s clothes?
Yes. It remains our responsibility to retrieve our children’s lost items.
In theory, you should be able to find stuff much quicker if the cupboards are only used to store labelled uniform.

How much will things cost?
Items are free, but there will be an opportunity to make donations if you want. Proceeds will go to the LSFA and future events for Lessness children.

What will happen to remaining Lost Property at the end of term?
Not sure yet, but we’re open to suggestions.

Who’s running The Uniform Exchange?
Parent and Carer volunteers. Many have already offered to help. Thank you.

Who will benefit?
Parents – Lost Property management will be much improved and it will be easier to find your child’s items.
Families – For those on benefits or with low incomes The Exchange will hopefully ease some of the stress of buying new uniform.
Children – They get to have their lost stuff back!
School Environment – The Office area will be restored to a tidy, less congested and welcoming entrance to our School.

I’ve got something to say. Who do I contact?
This project will be run by parents and carers and not by the School.
You can get in touch via Facebook; Lessness Reminders or Lessness School & Family Association. Or drop a note in the LSFA Red Post Box.

Why should I get involved?
Save The Environment
Reuse & Recycle
Reduce Landfill
Help Our Friends & Community

Thank you
Your support and encouragement will be greatly appreciated in making this a worthy and sustainable project for the children and families of our School.