The Junior Leadership Team

Within the Junior Leadership Team, our Year 6 children have taken on leadership roles in relation to key areas of importance. They are committed to upholding and promoting the school values whilst taking responsibility for ensuring that pupil voice is listened to across all aspects of school life.

In addition to this, the children of Lessness Heath have democratically elected JLT representatives from their classes (Years 1-6) as part of the wider leadership team. Their role is also crucial, as they will act as a channel of communication between individual children, classes, year groups and the wider school community.

Year 1 – Tia Louise Jack, Edward Florescu, Zara Proctor.

Year 2 – Maia Amoeteng, Roxie Walker, Ruby Austin

Year 3 – Serena Sandhu, Miracle Ojike, Sola Famuson

Year 4 – Jack Slipper, Darcy Thompson, Freddie James Barrett- Bradley

Year 5 – Chloe Capon, Maisie Pearce, Grace Conroy

Year 6 – Emmanuel Awori, Bily-Rae Whiting, Perazim Sofela