I was a little bit nervous about coming on the program, but I thought I would give it a try, It was really good to connect with ladies from different Cultures, I felt like I belonged to a group and thought it was fantastic that we integrated.  I now stand and speak with these parents on the playground.

Rated 4 – excellent – year 2 parent

“I do a lot of courses and when asked do I learn anything from them, my response is the most empowering course has been the “Family Matters” course delivered by Lessness Heath.  I have told Social Services team how fantastic the program is; they need this in their service for foster carers.  I feel that my learning has enabled me to reconnect with my own children and family, my relationship with my eldest son in much more positive, we now longer have arguments”.  “I love that you can tell the passion Mrs Hannaghan has for her work with families”

Rated 4 – excellent year 3 parent

“I have really enjoyed this group and the way it has been delivered, I feel the content was perfect for me and my family, it has empowered me to feel more confident in helping my children through testing times but most of all it has taught me that “I am a person” and life is also for me too.  “Mrs Hannaghan delivers the contents very well, she makes you feel comfortable and I feel like I could talk to her all day about anything” “thank you very much for inviting me on the course, It will make a difference to mine and my family’s life”

Rated 4 –  Excellent – year 6 parent

Learning about affirmations has really had the impact with my children, they now do feel really appreciated in all that they do.  I also feel that their behaviours have changed.  I really feel that everything in the course has really helped me.

Rated 4 – excellent – year 2 parent

“I feel a lot more confident in understanding my Childs’s anxieties and what her potential triggers are”.  “I think that I understand my own behaviours and the underlying reasons for my reactions and am reacting in a more conscious way”.  “I feel a lot more optimistic about moving forward leaving my past baggage behind and having a blank page, letting go of past guilt”

Rated 4 – excellent – year 1 parent

“I am now able to respond to child rather than react, I am still struggling with her behaviours but am now growing in confidence to be able to deal with them.  I have learnt how important it is to spend quality time with my children and now setting boundaries in place for them.  I have learnt to stand up to people who are not positive in my life”.

Rated 4 – excellent  Year 6 parent

I have learnt the following on the programme:

Working more positivity within myself and others.

To have more understanding of others who face the same/similar or different issues.

I have gained more insight on how to deal with my own children’s behaviours and can now see the triggers and patterns of behaviours.

I now can seek support when appropriate rather than trying to deal with problems myself.

Rated 4 – year 5 parent

“The course has enabled me to realise the boys need extra emotional support, they are now going to be doing some talk and draw intervention.”

Rated 4 – excellent – year 3 parent

“ I know what to do  if my child is nervous, angry and anxious”,  the course has been very helpful to hear others peoples stories, it helps me to understand how your problems are important no matter how big or small they are”.

Rated 4 – excellent – year 2 parent

“I have enrolled onto my access to nursing course since attending the program, this is due to my grown confidence”.  I am trying to manage my children’s behaviours with the new information and learning I have taken from the course and am finding myself”.  When Mrs Hannaghan invited me to be on the programme, my first feeling was that am I a bad parent? And I took offence, however I am so glad I came to the programme because I have learnt a lot about myself, I feel much more confident as a person, a Mum and a wife.

Rated 4 – excellent – year reception parent