We are hard working staff, dedicated to meeting the needs of all the children in our care. We are committed to making learning enjoyable and meaningful.

Mrs K O’Connor     –   Head Teacher

Mrs L Shields          –   Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs A Cross             –   Assistant Head Teacher

Miss A Bolton         –   Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs C Freeman      –   SENCo

Mrs C Hearn           –   Deputy SENCo


Miss L Clarke

Miss K Waite – Nursery Nurse


Miss K Bennett        –  Phase Leader for Early Years

Mrs K Folan

Miss E Ransom

Year 1

Mrs Jones

Ms Reid

Mrs Nwko

Year 2

Mrs Khan

Miss S Thorpe         –   Phase Leader for Years 1 and 2

Mrs A Cross

Year 3

Miss R. Jayne

Mrs Gawley

Mrs Harding

Miss Egan

Miss Bolton

Year 4

Mr R Liddiard

Mr R Jackson – Phase Leader for Years 3 and 4

Miss V Kanu

Year 5

Miss S Watt

Mrs K Leach

Mr A Martin-Pitt

Year 6

Miss S Steele          – Phase Leader for Years 5 and 6

Miss J Long

Mrs T Handley

Mr P James

PPA Cover

Mrs M Pantajo

Ms D Bulbul

Support Staff

Learning Progress Assistants

Mrs L Ansty-Potter, Mrs D Ashley, Mrs A Beasley, Miss K Heyward, Miss S W Wong and Mrs J Broadbridge

Mrs J Johnston, Miss K Martin, Miss K Maddison, Mrs J Paddington, Mrs P Payne, Mrs J Sharpington, Mrs S Spiller,

Mid-Day Lunch Supervisors

Miss T Doherty, Mrs S Earley, Miss J Flaherty, Mrs H Fowler, Mrs J Garner, Mrs M James, Mrs M Magee, Mrs A Maynard, Mrs C Smith, Miss V Tapp, Ms T Cullern, Mrs S Maganti, Ms J Redworth, Ms N Steadman, Ms S Hughes


Mrs K Sells          –   School Business Manager

Mrs G Harvey         –   Finance Assistant

Mrs J Bowes           –   Electronic Records Officer

Miss O Wyatt         –  Receptionist

Premises Staff

Mr D Cox                – Premises Manager

Mr S Allwright      – Assistant Caretaker


Mrs S Bland,  Mrs P Foster, Mrs A Maynard, Mrs M James,  Mrs C Smith