Saying NO to Smoking

At our school, we take seriously our duty to promote children and young people’s well being and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (Education and Inspection Act, 2006). We see our commitment to creating a smoke free environment and developing pupil’s knowledge, attitudes and skills in decision making around smoking as part of our work on keeping children and young people safe around drugs and managing risk. Accordingly, this Policy compliments our school’s Drug Policy.

We have a whole-school approach to tobacco in order to protect all members of the school community from the harms of second-hand smoke and to prevent the uptake of, and reduce the prevalence of, smoking across the school community.

Our Objectives

  • To provide a smoke free school environment for the whole school community.
  • To ensure that tobacco education is part of the school’s progressive entitlement curriculum of drug education / PSHE (including the health effects, legal, economic and social aspects of tobacco use).
  • To promote the Kick Ash ‘proud to be smoke free’ message to all our children /young people.
  • To ensure that all staff promote positive attitudes and behaviour in relation to tobacco.
  • To ensure that staff have the knowledge and understanding of policies, procedures and agreed practice to support the implementation of the Smoke Free Policy.
  • To involve all staff, governors, pupils, parents/carers and members of the wider school community including outside agencies as appropriate, in the development of policy and practice in relation to tobacco.
  • To adopt and support interventions that aim to prevent the uptake of smoking amongst pupils, staff, parents/carers and members of the wider school community.
  • To involve the wider school community in interventions to prevent the uptake of smoking in children and young people, by providing stop smoking groups/support for parents and carers and through helping them to talk to their children about tobacco and other risk taking behaviours.
  • To provide assistance for pupils, staff and other members of the school community who smoke and wish to stop.
  • To ensure that the School’s Smoke Free Policy is applied when children / young people are taken off site