Our Curriculum

At Lessness Heath, we have worked hard to create a bespoke curriculum which truly caters for the needs of our local community, providing real breadth and depth in terms of subjects covered as well as preparing our learners for the world of tomorrow. We feel passionately about the need for our children to be part of the wider global conversation that surrounds them and engage with the myriad of opportunities that it can present them with. As a result, our ambitious curriculum aims to open our children’s eyes to the fabulously diverse world around them, approaching events and knowledge from multiple perspectives so that they can make sense of the ever changing global landscape that we all live within.

Our Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum aims to equip children with the skills and powerful knowledge they need to be part of the wider global conversation.

‘Knowledge is powerful if it predicts, if it explains, if it enables children to envisage alternatives, if it helps young people to think in new ways.’

Professor Michael Young

Our children will learn from the past and present to help prepare them for an ever changing future.  We will nurture and develop resilience, confidence and aspiration through a relevant and purposeful curriculum that puts wellbeing at its heart.  We will inspire children to be critical thinkers and natural enquirers who question and challenge the world around them.

Through a curriculum guided by wider global perspectives, our children will gain an understanding of the important role they play in the dynamic and complex world we live in. They will identify the opportunities it offers and a wide variety of paths they could choose to take in order to reach their full potential.

Global Perspectives

Our curriculum is underpinned by 6 global perspectives, each one returned to several times during the course of our children’s time at Lessness Heath and enriched with key themes that children build upon every 2 years. Our global perspectives guide the knowledge that we choose to share with the children in a flexible way, each year group considering current issues as well as historical events in order to build their children’s learning journeys. We feel as though this flexible approach to knowledge selection helps us to keep our curriculum immediately relevant while still being underpinned by a solid backbone of key skills.

Year Groups – N, 1, 3, 5

Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Global PerspectiveIdentity and DiversityGlobal ResponsibilityHuman Rights
Key ThemesCelebrating differences
Challenging stereotypes
Understanding Issues
The Bigger Picture
Creating Change
Promoting Equality
Comparing and Contrasting
Needs and Wants

Year Groups – R, 2, 4, 6

Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Global PerspectiveSocial justice and inequalityPeace and conflictFuture thinking and innovation
Key ThemesOpportunities and Aspirations
Cause and effect
Cost and gain
Creativity and design
Problems and solutions
Impact and consequences

Primary First Trust Curriculum

The Primary First Trust has the following overarching educational concepts and all of the schools consider this when designing their own bespoke curriculum:

In doing so, our family of Primary First Schools nurture happy, confident and capable young people ready to play their full part in the world at large.