Equalities Policy

Lessness Heath Primary School actively seeks to promote an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment and where all staff and students are encouraged to fulfil their full potential.

The aim of the Equalities Policy is to confirm Lessness Heath Primary School’s commitment to equality and to valuing diversity as an employer and a provider of education.

This policy applies to all employees, potential employees, supply staff, agency staff, volunteers, contracted staff and members of the governing body.

Staff: Our policy will help all staff to develop to their full potential and the talents and resources of staff will be utilised fully to maximise the effectiveness of the work of Lessness Heath Primary School.

Pupils: All pupils are valued for themselves and can expect to have their individual identities, e.g. race, religion, family structure treated positively and with respect.

  • Pupils will be given the opportunity in the classroom to discuss, identify and understand racism, sexism, disability and other forms of prejudice.
  • Pupils will be able to contribute to the development of Equal Opportunities and other school policies through the year via PHSE and School Council.

Parents/Carers: Parents/carers are very important to the school and in particular they have much to contribute to the school’s Equalities Policy; their views are welcome and valued at all times. We ask that all parents/carers fully support the School’s Equalities Policy.

Any breaches of the policy should be reported in the first instance to the Head Teacher who will carry out a full investigation or delegate this to another designated member of staff.