Curriculum Maps

At Lessness Heath Primary we are committed to developing the whole child. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum (the curriculum is the bringing together of all the subjects that we offer) which enables your child to develop a lifelong love of learning; promotes the willingness to question and explore, and allows your child to achieve the highest possible outcomes.

We are really excited by our newly developed subject offer which offers a range of rich and stimulating experiences; the fine details of which will evolve during the course of the year. Our new curriculum uses the National Curriculum as the starting point for a wide and varied learning experience which is tailored to our children’s needs and interests.

We aim to develop the all-round ability of each child in our care, to help them develop the ability to learn and reason; so that each child enjoys their school work and finds satisfaction in achieving his/her full potential. The achievement of these aims will be through the National Curriculum (NC, 2014), The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum and our own year group curriculum plans. Specifically, these aims will be to:

  • help our pupils use language and numbers effectively;
  • help them understand the world in which they live;
  • help them acquire the knowledge and skills needed for our developing society;
  • enable them to develop study skills and the ability to reason, to make value judgments; appreciate and be tolerant of others.

What your child will study – Curriculum Maps:

Read our Curriculum Policy 2017

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