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Our In-School Bubbles

At Lessness Heath, when our school is fully open, our children are grouped into bubbles who do not mix or meet at any point during the school day.

Each year group is formed into its own bubble with nursery and reception also split into separate bubbles rather than their normal mixed provision.

Drop off and collection arrangements

Both the front entrance (Erith Road) and back entrance (Hoddesdon Road) are in use during drop off and collection times to allow for social distancing:

  • All adults must wear a mask while queuing and when on school site unless evidence of medical exemption has been seen by a member of SLT.
  • Any adults refusing to wear a mask will be refused entry to the school premises.
  • Please adhere to 2 metre social distancing at all times.
  • Children from Years 1 – 6 can be dropped directly at their relevant school gate– no parents of children in these year groups are permitted on site at this time.
  • EYFS children must be walked onto the back playground in the morning – please follow the one way system in place.
  • For drop off / collection at the front entrance, please only queue along the drive – no access from the side alleyway is permitted.
  • Please follow the one way systems in place while collecting your child.
  • Keep your children with you at all times and do not let them run around or play with other children while queuing or on the playgrounds.
  • Please arrive at the designated time and leave the playground quickly.
  • Only one parent can come into school to drop and collect children (we understand that you may have younger children with you too).
  • If queueing outside the school gates, please maintain social distancing at all times.
  • If waiting for access, please only queue in the designated lines, set by school staff. Adults who refuse to queue will be admitted to the school site last.
  • If picking up 2 children from the same playground, please use the designated holding areas while you wait for your second child (Front entrance – under the canopy. Back entrance – along the metal fence to the side of the playground).
  • In the morning, a member of SLT will facilitate one trip across the school site from the front entrance to the back entrance for parents of EYFS children. All adults must wear a mask at all times when on the school site.
  • In the afternoon, a member of SLT will facilitate one trip across the school field from the back entrance to the front after the majority of EYFS children have been collected. All adults must wear a mask at all times when on the school site.
  • If using your car, please be aware that parking is highly limited, particularly at the Back entrance to the school. If you can, please walk to collect your children from school.
  • Parking on Zig Zag school markings is prohibited at all times – Bexley Council Traffic Wardens are supporting the school in this at all drop and collection times.
  • Please drive safely at all times, particularly at the back entrance to the school where children may need to cross the road to reach parents.

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