Collective Worship

Lessness Heath children come from a variety of faith backgrounds and bring with them different beliefs and values which determine the ways in which they lead their lives. It is also recognised that some come from homes which do not practice any religion. Children are expected to learn about and show an understanding of the schools core values which are Happiness, Respect, Achievement and Responsibility. The act of collective worship provides an opportunity to:

– Share in a unique sense of belonging whilst retaining their own integrity and identity

– Contribute to a sense of unity and community for the school as a whole.

– Promote the spiritual growth and cultural, social and moral development of the children

-Promote the schools core values of Happiness, Respect, Achievement and Responsibility.

Our assemblies reflect the achievements and learning of the children. We encourage the children to participate in the assemblies by showing their work. Assemblies also offer an opportunity to acknowledge and reward children for achievements both in and out of school. They play an important part in promoting the ethos of the schools which is that all children are valued and all achievements recognised. Assemblies are also used to highlight the schools core values of Happiness, Respect, Achievement and Responsibility.

We invite parents to our special seasonal assemblies on as a practical demonstration of the way the home and school work together to support our children.

We expect all children to attend assembly. However, any parent can request for their child to be excused from attending religious worship and the school will make alternative arrangements for the supervision of the child during the period concerned. Parents do not have to explain or give reason for this. This complies with the 1944 Education Act which was restated in the 1988 Education Reform Act

The Head Teacher will keep a record of all children who withdraw from collective worship.