Code of Conduct – our staff

Lessness Heath Primary School is an educational establishment and as such it is the responsibility of the whole school community to ensure that all children receive their entitlement to a quality education.

The Head teacher is responsible and answerable to the Governing Body, parents and children for the delivery of a curriculum that will raise achievement throughout the school. This can only be done by all teaching staff and support staff working together to achieve the highest standards possible in the classroom.

All staff must be professional, respectful and fully supportive of each other’s roles within the school at all times.

All staff have a responsibility to implement all the policies and procedures that are in place. All staff are expected to:

  • put all the children first
  • meet the Teaching Standards for their position
  • keep their personal and professional lives separate
  • be a good role model in demonstrating the school’s core values
  • recognise their clear responsibility for child protection and safeguarding
  • have excellent time keeping
  • be well planned and organised; providing high quality learning opportunities for the children
  • keep all deadlines
  • take responsibility for the school working environment and it’s sustainability
  • stay calm and confident without shouting or raising your voice to an unacceptable level
  • use lots of praise
  • maintain good communication and check emails regularly
  • follow all school policies and procedures
  • adhere to the school dress code