Banned Person (Parents and Carers) Policy

At Lessness Heath Primary School we encourage partnerships with our parents, and work hard to maintain mutual respect and recognition of shared responsibility for the children. However, in a very small minority of cases, the behaviour of a few parents can cause disruption, resulting in abusive or aggressive behaviour towards staff.

This will not be tolerated.

All members of the school community have a right to expect that their school is a safe place. If the parent’s behaviour is unreasonable, permission for them to be on the school premises may be withdrawn and they will become a trespasser.

There are also other exceptional circumstances when a parent/carer will be automatically banned from the school premises; these include

  • if a parent/carer is a registered sex offender (for sexual offenses against children),
  • a parent/carer has been prosecuted for harming children.

In the case of a parent/carer who is on the sex offender register for offences involving children (whether historical or not) where a charge and conviction has taken place automatic ban will be put in place to protect all areas of the school community.