Visions and Values

Inspiring Excellence Together

Dear Parents and Carers,

Over the last term, I have been working on developing a new vision and set of values for Lessness Heath. I wanted something short and snappy that all stakeholders could buy into, as well as being personal to our school. During the recent school closure, I asked the children what Lessness meant to them, and alongside many contributions from staff members and the wider community, we are now ready to share these with you.

 I want our children at Lessness to be forward thinking in all they do, have high hopes for the future and be able to develop their personal skill set, whatever their talents might be. I want them to feel safe and cherished while they develop the skills they need to become well rounded individuals who achieve not only academically, but socially and emotionally. In short I want them to believe that anything is possible, and to know that they are all individual, special and unique.

 Our new vision statement to encompass this is …….

 “Inspiring Excellence Together”

I set each class a challenge to display this in their classrooms. All classes rose to the challenge and we have some fantastic displays across the school. A special well done to our winners, Gosling and Heron Class – these are amazing! Some very well deserved treats on their way to you!

We wanted our new values to go beyond the normal expectations of our children and be personal for us at Lessness Heath, linked to what we offer our children.

Our new values are ………





We are excited about starting this new journey as a school and already this week we have had children demonstrating these values to achieve a blue badge!

Miss Bolton