Friday 6th November 2020

Week 1 of Autumn 2 is done! As you can see from all the posts on here we have had a very busy first week back at school.

Today was the launch of our #LessnessCAN project and we are already stocking up with products in school. My amazing Inclusion Team have spent time this week sorting out a room with designated produce boxes and a rail for spare uniform. A reminder that donations can be made before school each Friday.

We know that times are tough for some of our families and if you need any support please speak to a member of staff on the school gates or just email our school admin quoting LessnessCAN. We will ensure that all support is discrete and confidential.

Next week is Children in Need and many parents have asked if we are doing anything in school to support this. I am more than happy for the children to come to school next Friday in something spotty if they wish to. However, rather than cash donations etc we just ask that you donate an item to our #LessnessCAN project.

Following the recent national lockdown announcements further guidance has now been shared with schools, and I must make some changes to our school Risk Assessments. We have noticed before school that the front gate is becoming extremely congested with a severe lack of social distancing. To combat this there a few tweaks that will be made, please see details below.

* Parents will now be asked to walk in through the school gate to drop their child off and then leave via the vehicle gate. We are hoping this will create a natural flow and stop parents walking into each other. (Staff will be there on Monday to model this)
* If you could say good bye to your children as you are walking into school and give them their bag etc as you are walking down the drive, this will stop congestion at the gate.
* Key Stage 1 parents please so not arrive at school before 8.50 (unless you have siblings) as this allows us to get Lower Key Stage 2 in safely.
We have managed to keep all our children and adults in school safe so far and for this to continue I need the support of all involved. I appreciate your patience but unfortunately I do not see this way of life changing any time soon.

Have a lovely weekend – Miss Bolton