Lola’s Blog – 9th July

This week Lola has started her official puppy training alongside her brother Bailey and sister Marley.

We have been so lucky that the team at Top Dogs Training School have volunteered their time to support Lola in her training.

Inete and her team are amazing! Very experienced and have been in hand both in and outside of the sessions to help support Lola in her training.

Each year group now has a Lola leader, and they stay after school every Monday to work alongside Lola and the other puppies.

As you can see Lola was shattered after her first session!

To help keep cool in this heat Lola has been running in and out of the sprinklers in the garden and finding any shady spot possible!

Miss Bolton and Lola have been practising her commands at home and Lola can now sit and come when called – we are still working on the lie down command!! Watch this space to see how she gets on!