Welcome to Lola

Our new puppy has been the star of the show this week! She was introduced to the children in Assembly on Monday and has settled well into the office routine. Thank you all for welcoming her into our school community – the children cannot wait until she is ready to begin her training. She has her own section on the website and it will be regularly updated on her progress.

Lola’s First Week

It’s been a busy first week for Lola in school! Lots of new people, places and smells to get used to – and as you can see, she is exhausted!

Lola’s first bath

So after a very busy first week at school Miss Bolton and Miss Thorpe thought it was time that Lola had a bath. She was a very good girl – but isn’t too keen on the hair dryer!

Lola’s half term

Lola has had a very busy half term! She had to visit to vet to have all of her final jabs – and all of the staff there think she’s beautiful!

She has spent a lot of time playing in her new home and loves chasing balls around the house. She also enjoys chewing on slippers and flip flops and keeps hiding them in the garden! Lola really enjoys cuddles on the sofa and having her tummy rubbed.

Lola went to have the hair around her face trimmed – and is looking very pretty!

Lola’s first walk

We took Lola to buy a new harness this week so that she could start going for walks.

All of the harnesses in the shop were too big – so we had to buy a cat one for now!! Once Lola is bigger we can get her a green harness and lead to match our Lessness Heath Uniform.

Lola wasn’t very keen on going for a walk – and Miss Bolton had to carry her for most of the way.

But as you can see Lola was very tired when she got home. As Lola gets bigger and becomes more confident in her harness, we can start to take her for walks around the school.

Lola’s favourite game

Lola loves playing hide and seek! She hides, and then barks and we have to go and find her! Can you see where she is hiding in these pictures?